Piano Tuning by Certified Piano Tuner

When a pianist or student recalls what a favorite song of theirs sounds like and they begin to play it on the piano and experience that it doesn’t sound quite the same, it can be very frustrating and a real distraction from the enjoyment of playing. Also, if a student is learning to play the piano, they may not even realize that if the piano is not properly tuned it can hinder their ability to learn. In order for a student to be inspired to continue with their studies, they need to get the reward of creating beautiful music to justify all of their effort. Your Moorpark piano tuner is prepared to keep your piano playing at it’s best by providing the best piano care.

For anyone to gain the maximum enjoyment from playing the piano, the instrument should be kept in tune with regular piano tunings. By doing so, the sound of the instrument will be pleasing to the ear and to the temperament. You may wonder why a piano doesn’t just stay in tune indefinitely. One of the major reasons is changes of the weather. A piano is made primarily of wood, which reacts to changes of temperature and humidity. These fluctuations cause varying changes in string tension throughout the instrument, so that the strings no longer have the proper relationship with one another.

Consequently, pianos are constantly changing in pitch. For concerts, pianos are often tuned twice in the same day; once before rehearsal and again before the performance. Your Moorpark piano tuner knows that this is what it takes to have the sound be optimal.

For the home such perfection is not required, nor would it be economically feasible. Every piano manufacturer recommends tuning a home piano at least twice a year, whether it’s being played or not. Your Moorpark piano tuner, Ned Klein, has the knowledge and experience to keep your piano in excellent condition throughout the changes of the seasons. Piano tuning can be set up on a regular schedule, or you may contact us whenever you have the need for tuning, piano maintenance or piano repairs.

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